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Universal Usability Policy
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Web site operators can promote Universal Usability by giving information to users about the measures taken in the design of their site. Motivated by recent developments in universal usability (ADA accessibility), we have responded below to a template established by Shneiderman et al. (2000).
Browser Requirements
Versions Tested: (Major/Minor numbers and operating systems): America Online v6.0; Internet Explorer v4.0, v5.5; Netscape v4.72, v6.01, and; Opera v5.0
Minimum HTML version required: 3.0
Plug-Ins required: none
Java use: no
JavaScript use: yes
JavaScript versions: 1.1
Contains Frames: no
Uses Cascading Style Sheets: yes
CSS Features: no
Uses ActiveX: no
Uses Layers: no
Uses Cookies: no
Uses multiple windows: no

Basic System Requirements
Operating Systems that the site has been tested on: Mac 8.6, 9.2, Win 98, 2000, RedHat Linux 7.0
Input Devices: Mouse requirements: yes
Navigable with Keyboard only: yes

Screen Resolution (minimum and recommended): 800 x 600
Designed for fixed width: yes
Screen Sizes designed and tested with: 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1152 x 864
Hand-held devices supported/tested : no
Mobile devices supported/tested: no
Presence of alternative depictions: yes
Do all non-text messages have text equivalents? yes
Font sizes used and tested: yes

Types of audio output: yes
Alternative labels/description or other displays for audio data? yes

Network Connection

Maximum download size per page: 50.64 KB
Minimum & recommended connection bandwidth: 56K
Network access speeds tested, along with average/expected times for each speed: 56K+  

Access for users with disabilities
Text only version of site: yes
Alternative browsers supported (and tested): Netscape and Internet Explorer
Diverse Users Languages supported: English
Languages supported via inline translations: English
Tested on both left-right and right-left languages: no
Translations supported by Alta Vista translators (Systran): no
Education Level Required (grade level): 8th Grade
Novice user testing conducted and results: yes
Experience required: Browser/Internet-ready users
Other internationalization support: none  
User support
E-mail response expectations: yes, via homepage_ feedback@ncsu.edu
Online communities, newsgroups provided: many university-based listservs for faculty and staff
FAQ provided: no
Contact Information Webmaster Name, Phone, Email: About this site with homepage_ feedback@ncsu.edu
Date of last update for this notice: 01 Juily 2002

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